Transmission, Substation and Distribution System Modeling: Millions of Components and Billions of Measurements

At a recent NREL seminar, EDD’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Robert Broadwater presented to NREL staff on the capabilities of the DEW/ISM software from EDD to model large Integrated System Models of utility electric grids.  The DEW/ISM software package is an advanced modeling and power flow analysis solution that is in commercial production at leading US utilities.

DEW/ISM is the only modeling software that employs the Graph Trace Analysis (GTA) approach.  GTA was developed at Virginia Tech to meet the needs of utilities to integrate large complex models with vast amounts of measurement data.

Technical advantages of GTA include: (1) eliminate processing of topology matrices; (2) solve Kirchhoff voltage & current law at every component in the model; (3) no simplification, the model accurately reflects field conditions; (4) readily supports distributed processing; (5) use the same techniques for transmission, substation, distribution in combined or separate models.

Business Advantages for utilities who use DEW/ISM include: (1) maintain an accurate physics-based and geospatial Integrated System Model of the entire system; (2) utilize AMI, SCADA and other measurements directly in power flow analysis; (3) readily accommodate all smart grid requirements for DER, storage, automation, microgrids, and voltage management; (4) automate engineering analysis for interconnection studies, hosting capacity, feeder efficiency and more; (5) cleanup GIS topology errors and support multiple modeling requirements from one accurate source.

Click here to view the presentation.

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