EDD staff contributes major authorship to NREL’s just-released PV Handbook

The “High Penetration PV Integration Handbook for Distribution Engineers” has been released and is available for free download from the NREL website at: http://1.usa.gov/1PTVvxC.


The PV Handbook was written as part of a DOE Sunshot project. Lead authors were Barry Mather of NREL, and Rich Seguin, Jeremy Woyak, Dave Costyk, and Josh Hambrick of EDD. An industry peer review team included representatives from leading US. utilities and universities. Southern California Edison provided circuit models and data for the project.

The PV Handbook is a reference manual for practicing distribution engineers working in North America. It is written to provide engineers with a framework for quantifying the impacts of PV that is being interconnected to the electric distribution system. The handbook will be applicable for utility engineers, PV developers, researchers, and customers when trying to study how to add PV to the distribution system. The PV Handbook is agnostic in regards to which modeling and analytics tool an engineer is using.

EDD is a software and engineering services company headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia. They are the exclusive owner of the DEW/ISM modeling and engineering analysis software. EDD has developed a full suite of analysis tools within our DEW/ISM software that engineers can use to analyze the impact of connecting PV to the grid. Clients of EDD are using DEW/ISM for PV analysis in the following areas:

  • DER Interconnection Studies
  • DER Hosting Capacity Analysis
  • DER Screening
  • DER Data Mapping and Tracking
  • DER Service Transformer and Secondary Analysis
  • DER Analysis of Meshed Networks

To learn more about EDD products and services, please contact John Federowicz at john-federowicz@edd-us.com or visit our website at http://www.edd-us.com.

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