Big Data Analytics for Power Systems

EDD Principal Engineer Dr. Jason Bank spoke recently at the IEEE Green Technologies Conference in Denver.  Dr. Bank presentation was part of the panel session titled “Big Data Analytics for Power Systems.”

In recent years, electric utilities have installed and/or connected large numbers of “smart” devices to their distribution systems.  These devices have generated billions of measurements that can be useful to engineers and operators.

Legacy software modeling and analysis tools and techniques were developed many years ago when this data was neither available nor required.  Flash-forward to today’s environment, where AMI load data, Distribution SCADA, DER, Storage, PMU’s, and Distribution Automation are all growing exponentially.

The DEW/ISM software from EDD has been developed specifically to support the modern electric distribution utility.  With the Integrated System Model (ISM), a utility can combine a physics-based geospatially accurate model of the electric system in one model that can associate any measurements for engineering and operations analysis.

In his presentation, Dr. Bank discussed a recently completed project at Pepco Holdings where the DEW/ISM software has been deployed.  Some “Big Data” stats for the PHI model include:  1.9M metered customers with 8,760 hourly loads; a load/gen database that back-casts solar contribution for 75,000 PV’s and net metered accounts; and 356,000 distribution transformers with secondary modeled.

Click here to view the presentation.

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