IEEE/PES presentation: Importance of modeling T&D as one integrated model

At the recent IEEE/PES annual conference, Jason Bank (Principal Engineer at EDD) and Himanshu Jain (PHD candidate at Virginia Tech) presented the paper: “Three-phase Dynamic Analysis of a Hybrid Transmission & Distribution Model: Impact of PV on Dynamics.”

As state regulators push utilities to install more renewable generation, the state of Hawaii has set the high water mark with a goal of 100% energy delivered from renewable resources by 2045. To achieve this goal, on the island of Oahu all rotating machines with the exception of one biomass plant will be shuttered.

Jason and Himanshu used the DEW/ISM software from EDD to build an Integrated System Model that included an unbalanced three-phase transmission model and a detailed distribution system model. The combined model included all electrical components at voltages ranging from 345 KV to 120 volts. The simulation analysis ran across the entire integrated system.

Running simulations on the combined T&D model, they were able to document the significant differences in analysis results that are achieved using the more detailed combination of models. They were able to validate the hypothesis: “Hybrid models enable evaluation of scenarios and reveal insights about the impact of PV that cannot be obtained with the traditional approach that uses positive sequence transmission models.”

Dr. Robert Broadwater is Chief Technical Officer at EDD, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech, and he provided mentoring for this work. According to Robert, “DEW analysis is based on a different paradigm for power flow software called Graph Trace Analysis. This paper is yet another result of the additional insights utility engineers and researchers can realize when they expand their modeling and analytics beyond traditional methods.”

View the presentation  …


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