GE Digital Energy- Americas Software Summit

Blacksburg, Va.- John Federowicz, president of EDD, and Jason Bank, one of our senior engineers, attended the GE Digital Energy- Americas Software Summit in Colorado Springs, CO at the beginning of the month, along with about 350 customers, staff, partners, and media. 

“Everyone at the summit was impressed by the momentum that the GE Digital Energy group has established around their GIS-OMS-DMS-mobile product suite,” said Federowicz. “EDD is proud to be a part of this solution and to be a GE partner.”

EDD has two applications with GE, A&O- LV and A&O-MV. DEW/ISM is integrated as a back-end calculation engine into the GE Smallworld platform. The designer lays out a secondary, LV, or primary, MV, design in Smallworld Analysis and Optimization. The topology is passed to the DEW/ISM engine, where power flow is run and the design components are optimized to meet the load. The results are then passed back to Smallworld. These applications provide the capability for utilities to embed power flow analysis directly into their GIS systems. 

In future releases, we anticipate adding DER analysis capability into the A&O products. 

About GE Smallworld

Smallworld is a software suite offered by General Electric that provides an architecture at the heart of applications like those used for planning electric, gas and water distribution systems. It integrates with other products that require spatial information, including systems for customer relationship management, market analysis, network, and work management.

Learn more about GE Smallworld here.

About Electrical Distribution Design

Electrical Distribution Design has provided distribution management solutions to electric utilities across the United States for the past 20 years. DEW/ISM creates a paradigm shift in the industry by allowing customers to use a single model for multiple functions, from planning to operations to control. EDD has helped utilities, universities and municipalities take control of their distribution system through DEW/ISM, DER interconnection studies and conservation voltage reduction services.

Visit our website to learn more about DEW/ISM.


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